Mattheuu- Lexical Luther Gap [Download]

avatars-000042437539-albnlk-t200x200The art of creating a mash-up isn’t as easy as splicing and dicing 80’s New Wave vocals over raunchy southern hip-hop beats. Miami Florida producer Mattheuu doesn’t just rely on two opposites of audible treasures to put out there, in this case, a define but steady, almost seemingly concurrent of various instrumental segments of tracks. From Death Grips “Get Got”, to A.B.B.A’s “S.O.S.” then stretching out to as far as The Black Keys  “Strange Times” and Frank Zappa’s “Peaches an Engalia” Mattheuu’s vast and diverse musical inspiration and personal catalog has served it’s purpose as we find ourselves in musical bedlam all to the mind of one excellent craftsman.


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