Paper Penguin- Chicken Pox [Single]


1077885_401741289931818_1818057418_oIreland. Think of lush fields of green, contrast to the possibly gray skies with a slight peek of sunshine just peering through as much as it can. Now think of Paper Penguin, and think of this grounded, serene tune playing throughout the ever lasting sky. Sounds ideal right? Whether you live in a major city or the smallest hamlet where 3G is considered advanced, Paper Penguin, a producer out of the aforementioned country, constructs such awe-inspiring tracks that don’t need to rely on vocals for you to fully feel the impact in which they are produced. Whether it be this track or the percussion¬† heavy Sport Red, Paper Penguin should have all eyes glued to him, we’re looking at a powerful prospect in the abstract hip-hop world.


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